Saturday 5 December 2015

Joseph begging for a place to stay
Yesterday the grade 2 class performed their nativity play and made me very proud with their hard work and great performance.

Today at Taonga School we had end of year parties and Santa had made an early trip to Zambia - because he is going to be so busy on Christmas eve!

Angels talking to the shepherds
We played musical bumps, the chocolate game, had a sweet scramble, ate snacks and gave out presents and veg. A few children declared it the best party ever and lots of the children came to say a big thank you for the presents - hugs and kisses all round! They were very excited and so happy. Thank you to those that made it happen including Memo and Natalia for coming shopping with me and helping wrap the 100+ gifts and Uncle George and Auntie Elsie and the other people who donated money for presents as I wasn't able to do the usual donated toy collection.

Grade 3
We also said goodbye to the grade 3 children as there will be no grade 4 class next year. Some of these children have been with me for 5 years so it was emotional!

Christmas party outfits. New clothes that were given out on Monday.

Here are a few party pics to enjoy!

Santa has been!!

Vegetable bags being prepared

Ready to party
The chocolate game

Saying goodbye to Grade 3

Handing out gifts

Marcus was my little elf

Opening excitement

Dancing and cheering

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