Saturday 30 July 2016


Teacher Abi, there are too many!!
Too many!!

This was the cry from several of the children as about 50 visitors, Americans and Zambians, descended on Taonga School on the morning of the 18th July. In a way my heart joined their cry but I knew great things were to come!
The 'Arise Africa Bible Week' team had arrived!

During the week that followed the children quickly realised that all of these visitors were a good thing!

The children were split into groups of 6 or 7 and each group had an American visitor and Zambian staff member. The adults all took time to teach the children about God, play with their groups and learn about the children.

Everywhere you looked there was a group of children
Keen listening in the big groups sessions
Through the week there was a real buzz in school. The children arrived early, were very well behaved and even the little ones who are quite shy were responsive and able to recite their memory verses into a megaphone for the rest of the children.

Photo booth fun

 On Friday they had a party. “The best party ever!” There were sports, face painting, a photo booth, a bouncy castle and hotdogs for lunch!

This week I have been gifted the interns (6 of them) to do jobs at school. They almost burnt the school down cleared rubbish, listened to children read, painted and tidied. 

Thank you Arise Africa, Alissa, Megan, Faith and the team for coming in, taking over, loving and teaching!

Almost setting fire to the school

Every child has a hand print


Faith, Me and Megan

Chatting to visitors

Who knew a balloon could be a hat, and sword, and dog... 

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