Friday 9 December 2016


Rhoda and I
Another school year is finished. In the run up to the end of term the Grade 2 children had been practicing the nativity play and Grade 3 practiced christmas poems to perform to the rest of the school, any parents that came as well as 'special guests' Mum and Dad!  After the performances the promise of a party and presents waited. It turned out to be a very fun morning, highlights being the chocolate game, using a knife and fork to eat a bar of chocolate while dressed up and the sweet scramble which basically involves me throwing seats around and the children collecting as many as they can. These were actually the only two games requested by the children.

Miracle (Centre)
Through this year we have seen a lot of changes. As always their have been quite a few children leave when families have shifted because of work and new children have replaced them. The core group of children remains the same however. Miracle has been with me since 2011 and Rhoda since January 2012! There are now 6 members of staff. Angela and Mirriam joined us in September and have been working together to teach the Grade 2 class. In January they will have their own classes as we will be adding Grade 4.

Putting on the roof
At the moment we are building two new classrooms and two offices to be ready for using in January. Grade 3 have been in the container classroom as a temporary measure but it isn't really suitable as a permanent classroom and the addition of a Grade 4 class means that once again our rooms will be full. Plans will need to be made quickly if we want to add a grade 5 class in 2018 as the container classroom is going to be turned into a library, the old classrooms will be turned into an eating area, the new container will be stationary and supplies and we have pretty much run out of room!

Thank you to everyone who has generously supported Taonga School or have been out to visit us and help in the year.
Mary and Joseph

Grade 2 Nativity

Party snacks
Their eyes sparkled all day!

Any child who had been at a Taonga party before
only wanted to play the chocolate game! 

Reading in the office before school



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