Friday 16 February 2018


22nd January 2018 school opened.
And then this happened….

On the first December 2017 we closed school with 140 children enrolled.  Twenty Seven of those children would be leaving me to go to another place and continue their studies. That meant I would  have 37 spaces available to new children when we opened.

Within an hour those spaces were filled, and more! Every day I have another parent come and see if I will take their child. Some of them just sit and wait after I have told them no spaces to see if I might change my mind. We now have 153 children enrolled and the previous Grade 5 class has settled well into their new school. I miss the big children every single day. Rhoda’s hugs, Harriet’s chat and Peter, Mali and Everson’s help with jobs … I could go on. Some of those children have been with me since 2012 and I was the class teacher for most of them at some stage.

Since we opened
The teachers and children have got to know each other.

The Grade 4 children have helped sort out some of the gardens.

We took class photos.

I have assessed over 100 children on their reading and writing ability.

And everyone has now settled into their new roles and classes.

We opened two weeks late due to the Cholera outbreak and have been focussing on teaching the children about hygienic practices and cleanliness. One of our issues has been the toilets. I am still not fully comfortable with the idea of a long drop toilet but that’s what we have. Six of them. I have previously hinted at the ‘tide marked’ doors that we have had to change but regardless of the nagging the children's aim doesn’t seem to be improving.  We are currently looking into putting “pans” on top of the holes in the hope that this will improve things. We thank God that none of the children or members of their families have suffered with Cholera.

We are also very thankful that the rains have now started, last week we have over 3 days of rain and this morning have had heavy rain for over 3 hours. 

Please continue to pray for

  • -       The children to remain healthy
  • -       New children who are settling into school
  • -       The bible lessons and assemblies will have a lasting impact on the children
  • -       The teachers as they teach the children
  • -       The rains, that they would continue but not worsen the spread of Cholera.
  • -       The end of the Cholera outbreak

Whole School Photo

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