Friday 20 July 2018

Through the eyes of Judith and Rose. Camp 2018

Every year at Tembenukani we have visitors from America come to run bible camp. It is organised by Arise Africa and is so much fun for the children and adults and everyone learns a lot. For one week we are off timetable and have completely different days. 
This year we have been learning about the Armour of the Lord.

On Thursday Rose and Janet hijacked the camera to show you what the day was like for them.
Judith and Rose walk to school

For the week of camp we come to school at 8am instead of 7am. It takes Janet 40 Minutes to walk to school, Rose only has to walk for 20 Minutes. 

First when we get to school we start to play, we like to play together. Our best thing to play with is the skipping ropes. After we have been playing for a little while we go to get our breakfast of bread and eat with our friends. 
Bread for breakfast
Teacher Abi

This week is different so when we finish we go to play again while we wait for all of the Americans to arrive. When Teacher Abi sees the cars she calls us all to the open area (assembly hall) and we sing some songs until everyone is ready. 

We greet our leaders and have some time with them in a small group. We practise our chants and put our headbands and name tags on. They also ask us what we have learnt on other days.  After a few minutes everyone goes back to the open area for big group session. The CSOs (Zambian staff) sing some songs and we all worship God. Then they teach us about the new piece of armour. Today was about the Shield of Faith. We made shields today.
Listening to lessons
Small group lessons
Making shields
Febby with her shield

After we have learnt our lessons we go back to the open area to answer some questions and watch a skit which teaches us something about God. Today they were teaching us how we have lots of troubles and things tempting us but if we have the Armour of God we can stay strong.
Uncle Jay being given
the "belt of truth"

Then it's lunch time and we all go home.

We think camp is GREAT and wish it could be every week! 

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