Monday 13 May 2019

Library revamp

Three years ago our ZEMS charity sent out 4 big boxes of books to start the TCS Library. Since then we have added books from all over the world, Zambia, South Africa, Australia, America and even more from the UK. 

Our Library has been functional but very plain. It started off in one of the old, dark classrooms then we moved it into a converted container. The books have all been very well used and were in need of repairs and a good sort out and the whole thing needed a serious facelift.

The original library in one of the old classrooms
The second library in the plain container
Then along came Debs. She arrived for a 6 week visit mid March and was happy to get stuck in wherever it was needed so between helping out in the classrooms and listening to readers we tackled the Library. 

See the transformation in the video below.

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