Wednesday 30 June 2010


So, I came home at the beginning of June for a bit of a break and review of what I am doing in Zambia. It has been a good break so far - especially now the weather has warmed up and I am not so cold!

Before I left Mum and Dad came to visit. BA strikes meant they moved their whole trip to a week earlier - first to ensure they made it as the outbound flight was cancelled then to ensure they got home as the inbound flight was also cancelled. While they were visiting we went to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls and on Mfuwe on safari. Their visit also gave them an opportunity to see what kind of things I get up to which they agreed you cant really imagine it until you have seen it! It was nice to be able to show them around a bit and for them to meet all of the guys.

At the end of May, it was my birthday. I had a really fun day. We took all of the boys to adventure city, which is a swimming pool. In the morning we loaded up the truck and my car with food and boys and set off. The boys spent hours going up and down the slides, playing football and generally having fun. I was thrown in the pool a few times which was very cold!

Due to BA strikes I was delayed a few days coming home but that just gave me more time to organise school while I am away. There is a visitor over at the moment who is in charge of the classes while I am away. I was able to spend some time making sure the boys would all have enough work. Hopefully this will make Emily's life a bit easier and when they start complaining about the work she can blame it on me. - It is bound to happen as the boys, like any children, will test new people to try and get away with as much as they can.

Anyway, I am still at home now for a couple of weeks, then hopefully heading back. One of the things I have to sort out while I am home is finances for the next year. Some of you have been very promt in replying to either Joe (finance guy at CEC who sorts it all out!) or myself as to whether or not you are able to continue supporting me for another year, thank you. If you havent responded please let me or Joe know asap. If you dont have Joe's details or want gift aid/financial giving forms just drop me a message. Thanks.

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  1. Great Abs, good to be able to keep updated with your activities.

    You are in our prayers and we trust the Lord will continue to bless you and the work.