Thursday 29 July 2010

Dear All

This is just a quick update to say I arrived back safely on Thursday morning last week. It was very good to be back with everyone again and I soon settled back into things.

Since Monday I have been back at school and have enjoyed seeing how some of the boys have moved on. I have also started an extra class for some of the little ones. I needed to start Christina (who is 2 ½) in the nursery class but also have two 6 year olds in that class. Although there are only 5 children it is hard to move the older ones on when Christina needs totally different kind of attention and 'work'. To overcome these problems Ezra and Eliza now
come earlier and have their own little lesson before joining the others for some more creative/play activities. (Ezra and Eliza at their new table doing 'proper' work!) This will continue until they are ready to join the bigger boys for 2 hours. To achieve that they will need to be able to read and write fairly fluently.

Don and Christine have gone to Cape town on a family holiday for 2 weeks. They have managed to fit it in while both the girls are on school holidays and Nico has gone with them. On top of them all being away Mr Banda is having the week off. If he didn't have this week he wouldn't have managed to fit it in until October. This brings with it all the extra jobs, sorting things in town, shopping and various other bits but so far it is going OK.
This weekend is a public holiday and the boys have got some football matches organised. The picture is of some of them this afternoon having a 'team talk' before it started. Unfortunately the game ended in a 2-2 draw. Half of the boys are on holiday from school as of Friday. Some are going out to visit family, the rest will be working on the farm or studying. The rest of the boys finish next week on Friday. Most of them will have extra tuitions through the holidays (they are older and in higher grades) so will be staying at home and things will carry on in much the same way as if they were on term time. I will stop my class at home in the school holidays so the boys have a chance to visit family but will continue with the little ones on a more flexible basis - different times of day depending on what else is happening.

Please pray for...
Don and Christine, Nico, Sarah and Rachel that they can have a relaxing holiday.
Wisdom for me dealing with the boys at home and for them to behave.
The boys who have exams coming up. 10 are sitting big exams next term.

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