Sunday 5 September 2010


Since the last time I wrote we have had a very busy month.

It started with the last week of Don and Christines holiday which went very well. The boys were all very well behaved for which I was very thankful! Just after they got home one of them asked me "did you tell them how good we were?" when I said I had he asked "were they very proud of us?" He had obviously been consciously trying to behave!

Two days after Don and Christine arrived back we had a team of 14 arrive from the UK. They came to run a 'camp'. The boys had a very full program with art, music and fitness in the mornings and team games and challenges in the afternoons. It worked really well and the boys got to experience things they have never had a chance to do before. The boys were split into groups with people they wouldn't always chose to work with and all really enjoyed themselves. It was so nice to walk around and see all of the boys with a smile on their face or concentrating very hard. We hardly had to chase any up for being late to the sessions.

This weekend Kabwata church are officially starting as a church plant here at the farm. They have been holding services here for 3 years now but yesterday came to visit people in the area and today is the official first service. It is very exciting that they are taking such an interest in the work here with the boys and want to build a church however it brings the issue of space. At the moment the service is held in the lounge which is fairly big but not really big enough so we are looking for a room at a school or a tent that can be put up to accommodate more people.

Tomorrow all of the boys go back to school. The last few days have been busy getting uniforms, school shoes and books. Hopefully they are all ready to go and get back into routine.

Please pray for...
  • School opening and exam classes. We have 10 boys in exam classes
  • The church plant. That we would find somewhere more suitable and people would come along.


  1. Great to catch up with the latest news!
    Mike & Jane

  2. thanks for the update, we continue to pray for you all there and your busy schedule! Lots of love, jane and mike x x