Wednesday 18 May 2016

Cold Season

The conversation goes something like this (because as brits we talk about the weather) :

Sender "Its a lovely warm day here today"
Me "It's a bit chilly here, we are all in jumpers"
Sender "It's bright and sunny and 21 degrees"
Me "Oh, it's 21 degrees here as well!"

Actually, while I'm writing this it is only 16 degrees. In hot season it regularly reaches over 30 degrees, it's hot! The house I live in, the school, everything is built with that in mind. We dont have heaters, or carpets, or windows that fully close. So at night when it drops to 6 degrees, or less, it's cold! 

But we adapt. We put charcoal burners in the classrooms to warm us up a bit. Extra layers of clothes are encouraged, given out, and borrowed. We stand in the sun or move our chairs to the sunbeam coming in the window (that doesn't close)  

We are thankful for those of you that send warm clothes, we were given red jerseys by a school that changed it's uniform and have had lots of hats, gloves and scarves knitted for us. Thank you! for these few months of cold weather, we really appreciate it!

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