Thursday 16 June 2016

Teacher Sam, you're going away....

Last Friday was a day of celebration and sadness. It was teacher Sams last day.

Teacher Sam has been helping at Taonga school for the last 3 1/2 years. In that time she has taught a huge range of subjects, children and activities. The children are going to really miss her creativity and dedication to their education.

Sam contacted me just before Christmas 2012 saying she had seen a poster with information about Old MacDonalds Farm and Taonga School and was interested in coming and seeing what we did. The first job Sam helped with was packing around 60 Christmas gift for the children... little did we know what would happen in the next few years. Sam has taught reading, maths skills, helped support teachers, worked with reception class and taught Grade 2 for a year as well as many other things.

Matt has also been a massive support to the school negotiating car sharing, supporting Sam to came and work and most importantly being Father Christmas!

To mark Sams last day the children put on a concert. They tried to do this as a surprise but it is very very difficult to keep such exciting secrets when you are young! Together we worked hard to learn songs, poems and they did very well.

We are all going to miss Sam and Matt and wish them the best for the future. From the very bottoms of our hearts we say THANK YOU!

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