Friday 17 March 2017

Acorns and Oak Trees

I have talked about school growing a few times in the last few years. Last week I thought it was time to make final class lists for 2017. When I say final you should really read 'this weeks' ... somehow new children always seem to be starting. So anyway I made the list. In January I had 146 children and I really dont know how but last week we had 151. Children around here seem to multiply! 

A few weeks ago Facebook reminded me that it was 6 years since I posted these pictures.

 That means it was over 6 years since these pictures. 

And in February this I took this. 

It wasn't in my plan. Sometimes I wonder how it happened.
I sent the picture below to my Dad who replied saying "Out of small acorns grow mighty oaks." Well, if thats the case my advice to you is be careful where you plant your acorns! 

This blog is not the easiest to post pictures on. You may have noticed in previous posts sometimes the pictures are laid out in a strange way or don't quite 'sit' right... Normally by the time I post it I have spent at least half an hour trying to move the pictures into the right place. If anyone knows how to do it PLEASE let me know! 

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  1. Lovely photos Abigail, and Dad is right (for once!!)x