Friday 17 March 2017

It's what's on the inside that counts!

The dust bath, after some rain.

In the last few weeks I have been a little obsessed with the state of the outside area at school. It’s fair to say that it’s a mess!!  Where there was once lush, green grass we now have what can only be described as a dust bath unless it rains, then its all about the mud.

Collecting old blocks for
one of teacher Abi's plans!
It's great for animals who like that kind of thing. Not so great for teachers, especially when the children don’t seem to mind it! Every day is a battle with dust in the classrooms making everything a little dirty. Add to that the plants that have either died or been trampled on and you create a perfect environment for my dis-satisfaction to grow!

The new boarder for the garden.
To be finished next week.
So, I have started collecting ideas.  Some of them seem like sky high dreams others are a bit more realistic. I still haven’t come up with an answer as to what I can put on the ground instead of grass or dirt but slowly we have been improving the outside area. Today we painted blocks and planted various things in the holes.

In the last few weeks I have had my paint brushes out and done a few minor jobs around school. Slowly, oh so very, very slowly, it is improving.

Every map I found of Zambia
seemed to be different!
As I was thinking about it all I realised its not really about the outside area. It will make me happier not to have dust everywhere and will look nice to have flowers but really its about whats on the inside that matters. What is really happening not the show that we can put on for people to see on the surface.

That’s a bit like our lives… it’s not about the show but its about what really is going on inside that matters.

Phonics Lesson
So with that in mind I need to remember sometimes the dust is useful!
Grade 5 reading

A lesson in writing using the dust.
(See the pic below)

Using a stick to write
Grade 1 working hard
Grade 2 listening and learning

Breaktime fun 
Happy Children!
Book sharing

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