Thursday 28 September 2017

Christopher Miti tells you about the day


Wearing a comedy tail just for laughs
Today we have a guest blogger.  This is Christopher. He is in Grade 5 and has been at Taonga School since 2015. He is going to tell you about his day at school.

"I come to school everyday, I like coming to school because it is interesting.  In the morning when we come to school we eat bread then go to assembly. In assembly we like to sing and dance then teacher Abi teaches us about the bible. 
After assembly we go to phonics where we learn how to read. My favourite subject is Social Development Studies. I like to learn about the old people and what they use to do. 
Dressed up for fun
At break time I like to play football with my friends Malizani, Amos and Mike. 
After break we have 2 more lessons. Once a week we go to the library. My favourite books are Zac Power they have good stories. 
Zac Books
A child eating lunch
Four times a week we eat lunch at school. We eat nsima, vegetables and sometimes eggs or soya pieces. 
After lunch we have bible club. We learn more stories about God and how to behave. Uncle K teaches us and it's fun. Then it is time to go home. 
My best thing about school is to have fun and make people laugh!"

We look so cool
Charles' mum cooking
I hate writing!!
Malizani and Mike

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