Monday 13 November 2017


Every morning at Taonga School we have an assembly.  Assembly is one of my favourite times of the day. Everyone is together, we to sing and I get to do a bit of story telling! Nothing like a bit of drama to wake you up in the morning.

Four days a week we have a 'teaching' assembly and on a Friday we celebrate the stars of the week.

Last half term in Assembly our topic was "What does God think of me?" Every week we took a different title.

  • As I grow - we looked at how Jesus cared for children and old people and also cares for us no matter how big or small we are. 
  • God always forgives me! - looking at how nothing is too bad to be forgiven. 
  • I'm Me - I am unique. I am different to everyone else. This caused a lot of amusement because I started off asking how I am different to the children - that was obvious - my hair, skin, eyes etc. Then I got one of the children to come to the front and asked how they were different. That wasn't as obvious! They all have the same colour hair, same or very similar colour eyes but we got there eventually! 
  • I matter - Gods creation is important to him.
  • Jesus Listens - He took time to listen to people when he was here on earth and wants us to talk to him.
  • I am worth it! - Looking at why Jesus came to earth and how he died on the cross so that people could 'be friends with God' 
Every week we looked at a different part of the bible and learnt a verse or a story. We all acted out walking bent over and Jesus saying "stand up" and suddenly righting ourselves. We pretended to be old and young. We pretended to be the father of the two sons, one of which he had thought was dead and acted out the fathers joy when the son returned.

We have just stared a new half term and it is almost Christmas. We only have 5 weeks until the end of term so I decided to do an "advent calendar" (it's all laminated so hard to see)

The children are very excited to find out whats behind the numbers!!

I think assembly is very important. Lots of people question why I do it every day. It is 15 minute at the start of the day where we all come together to learn the most important lessons of the day. It also means I see everyone every day.

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