Thursday 31 October 2019

I've lost some children...

In the last 3 days we have ‘lost’ 4 children and there is nothing we can do about it!

Grade 4 lesson

This makes my heart sad. I truly believe that every child in this school was brought here for a reason. Jackson to Bethsheba, Queen to Elijah, all 150+ of them and the 300+ more that have passed through school since I have been here.
Teacher Angela preparing for the day

The children love coming to school, most of the parents appreciate the school, they get food, uniforms and education. So why are they stopping?

A grandma who has come to talk about her child schooling

Grade 4 making part of a model village

Zambia is struggling economically. We have daily power cuts of 12-18 hours, prices are going up and the rains have yet to start.

Most of the children at TCS come from very low-income families. The parents go out in the morning to find a job for the day to bring in enough money to feed everyone that evening. Some parents have more regular work in people’s gardens, houses, loading trucks or some kind of manual labour but as the economy worsens people are being laid off and work is getting harder to find.
Baby class mid activity

Showing off how well her arm is healing after a nasty burn

The result of this is the families can’t afford to keep their children in Lusaka. Many of the families have relatives in “the village” (anywhere outside of Lusaka). The cost of living in a village is significantly lower than living in Lusaka so as life gets tougher the children can be sent away.  In “the village” access to education and health care is reduced and the future does not look great.

Fun on the swing

Children helping change a plug

Taking a moment before the day starts

I may only have a few months with a child or I may have a few years. In that time they are taught about Jesus and a seed is planted. As they go to the village I have to trust there was a reason for them ever coming into school. How did they hear about school? What made me say yes to that family and no to a different family?

Please join me in praying for Zambia and for the children who we have already lost and those we might yet lose that have heard about Jesus, sung songs about him and learnt bible verses in their time here.

Tell the world that Jesus lives
Tell the world that, tell the world that
Tell the world that he died for them
Tell the world that he lives again


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