Sunday 19 April 2020

A few people have asked what its like in Lusaka at the moment, this is a fairly lengthy post but I have tried to give you a full overview.

In Zambia schools were closed on Friday 20th March, the same day as in the UK but there are a few significant differences in how Covid-19 is playing out in Zambia. The first cases of Coronavirus were confirmed on the 18th March and up to now the official figures show Zambia as having a total of 61 cases and only 3 deaths.  We have regular conversations about how much these figures can be trusted and how the testing is being done, the honest truth is that like many countries we will never know however the figures across most of Africa are significantly lower than lots of the world. We live in fear that the worst is coming while praying that God will show great favour on this continent and protect us from the worst.


So what has happened with the children. The short answer is that they are home. We have had very little contact with them since closing the gates a month ago. I don’t think I will ever forget that last singing session with the children where they chose songs that had variations of the words our God is Great and he will look after us. As I looked at the children a sense of not knowing when I would see them again and what would happen in the future was heavy on my heart.

At Old MacDoanlds farm they are on ‘lockdown’. Zambia as a whole is not locked down although people are being encouraged to stay at home if they can but we have a few boys who have serious underlying health issues and they have all realised the seriousness of catching Conoravirus. So far they seem to be coping with not going out. I go once a week to check on them while keeping a distance and have bought them table tennis bats, pool cues and a football. I also saw a rather tense game of monopoly being played the other day! 
Sunrise Easter service

Where I live there are 18 people on ‘lockdown’. Roughly 4 weeks ago we made the decision to lock the gates here as well to protect us all. Everyone who lives here has been incredibly good about not going out and are much more comfortable to stay at home to keep safe.

Joy doing her school work

Just about keeping ahead of the children!

I have been keeping busy. Once a week I go out to do shopping, check on the boys and do any other jobs that need to be done off site. Three days a week I teach six of the children that live here. We have been doing the body coach workouts every morning and a run some afternoons with the children as we have made a running track in the goat paddock. 
Post-run rest

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