Friday 27 August 2021

12 Years and time for a change

November 2020 was the last blog and we had just reopened schools. Time has flown since then!

We have just reopened schools again after another closure and we are very thankful for Gods protection over the staff and children. One family have lost their mother in tragic circumstances but everyone else has stayed safe and the children are keen to be back at school! 

There are a few big changes happening at school. In January Arise Africa, an organisation I have been working with for a long time, officially took over the running of Taonga School. Next week we have a new head teacher starting. She is a Zambian lady who has been a head at another school for a few years. I am excited for this as she will continue to grow the school. Currently we have children up to Grade 7 across 2 different sites. The plan is to add grades all the way through to Grade 12 as children get older. 

New President

On Thursday 12th August Zambia held presidential elections. The new president was sworn in on Tuesday 24th August. It is a new president and new ruling party. There is a lot of excitement with many Zambians feeling it was time for change. 


Today (Friday 27th August 2021) it is 12 years since I landed in Zambia. I was meant to be here for 1 year helping Don and Christine with the boys. Now, I have decided it is time to move back to the UK in December! I am not sure what will happen in the next year which is equally exciting and terrifying but once I reached about 5 years in Zambia I realised there wasn't much point planning too far ahead. The plan to spend 1 year here didn't quite work out! God had different plans. So, initially I plan to move back to Suffolk and spend some time there while I settle into the UK, find a job and decide what to do next.  I am very thankful that as I plan this transition the school, children and staff are in safe hands with Arise Africa. ZEMS will also continue to support the school here and other projects in Zambia. 

Thank you for all of your support over the last 12 years. 

Please pray for:

  • The school, the new head teacher and the children. 
  • Arise Africa as they continue running the school. 
  • Me as I pack up, say some hard goodbyes and move to the UK.



  1. So many children given a great start in their education and life!! So many hugged and loved. Well done good and faithful servant. I know what it's like to leave your babies behind. Message me.

    1. Unfortunately this is not showing your name so I'm not sure who you are but thans for the kind words.